Warranties & Terms

Print quality, color rendition, and contrast are difficult to share over the internet. While I try my best to give you a close approximation of the image quality through my online images, these are still only approximations. Original prints have more detail, more variations of color, and are overall more beautiful. These differences are due to the limitations of the web in regards to displaying fine art photographs: variations in computer monitor color rendition and contrast, and even how different web browsers render colors and display contrast. To this end, I offer my unique "30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee."

Lifetime Fade-Free Warranty

My work is exclusively printed using fade-free fine art archival papers and inks. All artwork comes with my exclusive ‘Fade Free Warranty,’ designed to protect your investment: if your artwork were to fade, I will replace it at no charge for as long as you own it. No questions asked, just return the artwork, and I will ship you a new piece right away.

Personal Style Warranty

I guarantee that my work is done according to my personal style and shows the scenes I photographed in a way that is different from what other people looking at these same scenes would see.

To this end I use a variety of techniques, including the creation of a specific color palette for each photograph, the removal or addition of elements in the image, changing the shape of some elements, cropping or reformatting the original photograph, enhancing, emphasizing or de-emphasizing certain aspects of the subject, its contrast, or details. If the photograph you purchase from me shows the landscape in exactly the same way as you saw it in person, I will refund your money.

I guarantee that my artwork will make your home look beautiful and inviting. Rooms displaying my work will be the envy of your friends and family.

Please read my ‘Artist Statement & Vision‘ for more in-depth details about my personal style.

Seal of Authenticity Warranty

Each photograph comes with my unique Alain Zarinelli Seal of Authenticity label on the back of your artwork. The presence of this label guarantees that you own an original Alain Zarinelli Fine Art Photograph. My Lifetime Fade-Free Warranty is honored on all artwork printed by me. Each photograph is individually hand-signed by me.

All of my photographs offered on this page are signed on the print. I sign my prints using an archival pen which does not fade nor damage the print.

Each image is printed using the latest equipment and supplies

Digital photography is a quickly changing medium. As technology and supplies change, so does my workflow and approach. To guarantee that you always receive the latest and highest print quality, each print is made when you order it.

My prices increase regularly

This pricing structure guarantees that your investment increases in value proportionally. All orders placed after a price increase are billed at the new prices. I do reserve the right to change my prices, warranties, and policies at any time without notice.


US orders are shipped at cost from Mondamin, Iowa (ZIP 51557) to your location via US Priority Mail insured and traceable. International and overseas orders are shipped via US Airmail insured. Shipping costs are calculated based on destination, going from Mondamin, Iowa (ZIP 51557) to your location. Large pieces are shipped truck freight. Please contact me via email alain -at- zarinelli -dot- com for a shipping quote.

Your package is insured and trackable

I want you to receive your order in perfect condition. To this end, I take all the necessary precautions so that your order is not damaged during shipping. All packages are insured and trackable.

If for some reason your package were damaged during shipping, despite all the care I took packing it, you are covered by my exclusive free replacement warranty. Just call me, then return the damaged item insured and traceable, and I will ship you a brand new one at no extra charge.

I want you to enjoy your order for years to come and have wonderful memories associated with it and I do my best to make this happen with each and every purchase.


I want you to know that each and every fine art print purchase is covered by my 100%, “take 30 days to decide” money back guarantee. I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase and enjoy displaying my artwork in your home or office. If this is not the case, just return the artwork to me and I will refund your money or exchange the artwork. This warranty will be honored whether you made your purchase over the internet, over the phone or in person. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED AND/OR DATED PIECES, TO PIECES SOLD AT HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICES, NOR TO PIECES WHICH WERE ALTERED, MODIFIED, FRAMED OR MATTED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME. Your piece must be in like-new condition when I receive it.

You are responsible for the cost of return shipping from your location to Mondamin, Iowa (ZIP 51557.) Shipping costs from me to you are not refundable. If you have purchased multiple pieces and wish to return them for a refund you need to ship your pieces back to me all at the same time, preferably in a single package. Your return needs to be insured and trackable.

Each return must be preceded by communication with me by phone or in person (no email), notifying me that a return is coming. Returns for which I have not been notified, and returns that have not been approved by me, will be returned to sender. My policies are subject to change at any time without notice.

Unfulfilled or Partially Filled Orders: In the event of an order being placed and either not fulfilled or partially filled due to no fault on my part (for example if you fail to let me know which piece(s) you want us to ship you), you will be given a credit for the unspent amount. This credit can be used towards future print orders. If the dollar amount of your order exceeds your credit you will be charged the difference prior to shipping.

Sales Tax

No sales tax is charged to out-of-state and international orders. Orders shipped to Iowa are charged 7.5% sales tax.

Commercial Licensing

Photographs may be available for high-resolution commercial licensing in electronic form. Pricing will vary based on the specific use criteria, distribution, etc. Please contact me via email at “licensing -at- luxludusmedia -dot- com” for details. If you have a specific need for commissioned work, please do contact me via the Contact form only.

Sorry, no licensing opportunities below $1500, or for non-commercial use.