New Mobile Setup (Teaser) / by Alain Zarinelli


For years, I have been using a Macbook Pro (Retina) with Lightroom (now “Classic CC”) and Photoshop (CC) while in the field. My most recently used Macbook Pro was a late 2013 15” model with retina display, calibrated before leaving for trips using my Colormunki Photo device. It also still had a built-in SDXC card reader.

Originally, I used a 2TB LaCie Rugged SSD external drive, connected to the Macbook via lightning cable. This drive housed my mobile catalog, which I would import to my master catalog once back home, then back up all my photos from the LaCie to my Pegasus RAID and NAS. I also would then back up the RAW files to my Google Drive (housed locally on a LaCie 6TB desktop drive.) Depending on the amount of photographs to upload, this could take a long time, but I felt (feel) it worth it to have all my photos stored in the cloud in addition to locally on my Pegasus and NAS.

During the early November fine art summit and field workshop, my Macbook Pro’s SSD failed hard. So, I have decided to switch my mobile setup around a bit. How? Stay tuned until next week :)…