New Mobile Setup (Reveal) / by Alain Zarinelli


As I posted last week, my MacBook Pro crashed in early November while on the road. Fortunately, I have all my photo files on an external (wireless) Western Digital “MyPassport” drive, as well as backed up to a LaCie Rugged SSD connected to the MyPassport via USB 3.0, so no fundamental data was lost in that event. I only lost the parametric RAW changes I had stored in my mobile Lightroom catalog...

After getting back home, I did some proper troubleshooting of the failure and determined the original SSD had crashed. So, I decided to replace it with a new 512GB third party SSD and then figure out how to proceed.

The Macbook was functioning as usual, once I installed the new SSD and  MacOS Mojave - so I had to make a decision: continue with the Macbook as before, or change things up.

I decided on the latter; listed the Macbook on eBay and was able to sell for the trade-in value Apple offered me (in case I would buy a new Macbook Pro,) plus the cost of the new SSD. I then purchased a new iPad Pro 12.9” (pictured above,) which is taking over primary processing duties in the field.

For now, I will use Lightroom CC for initial culling and light editing; hopefully Adobe will add more of the features currently only in Lightroom ‘Classic CC.’ And of course, there is the prospect of “full fledged” Photoshop CC on iOS coming in 2019. Can’t wait to play with that one! Also have Pixelmator or Affinity Photo available, if needed between now and Photoshop CC...