Copyright Group Submission Fee Increase / by Alain Zarinelli

On February 20, 2018, submitting copyright claims for groups of photographs will increase by a lot

For a couple of years now, submitting groups of photographs now has been $55 per submission (up from a previous $35 per submission.) The crux has been there was no limit to the amount of photographs in the ‘group.: A week(+)-long photo shoot in UT, CO, or AZ e.g. can yield over 3000 photos. I usually just register all of them together in one submission, like "Bryce-CapitolReef-Canyonlands-Fall2018.”

With the new rules, I will have to split the submissions into batches of 750 photos. In the example above, I'd submit at least 4 batches at $55 each, for a total cost of at least $220 instead of $55...

The solution seems to be to just pre-cull the photos, and only submit the ones “worth” registering - adding time between capture and registration, and therefore publication