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Mesa Arch Sunrise (2017)

After a day of photographing Canyonlands National Park, I decided to set up near the arch around 2300 (11PM) local time, hoping to catch the full moon rise through the arch. Unfortunately, the clouds obscured the moon that night, and I was not able to get a photograph at that time.

I decided to just ‘hang around’ until sunrise, hoping to beat the crowds – and I did. Chose an ultra-wide lens on my 42 megapixel Sony Alpha 7R Mark 2, and positioned the camera on my tripod right in front of the arch.

The photograph here was captured just before sunrise, when the mist and clouds on the horizon created some beautiful crepuscular rays from the rising sun beyond the horizon. The arch provides a natural frame for the landscape, and the print shows beautiful details and colors in the nearby cliffs and valley stretching to the horizon.

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Mesa Arch Sunrise (April 2017)

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